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When it comes to HR, bringing everything together needs careful well trained hands to ensure you get the right structure. This is where Dough HR rises to the occasion, after all we’ve been achieving the right results for some of New Zealand’s biggest companies for quite some time.

We can bring our well developed experience to your table, having working with the likes of Noel Leeming, Sovereign Assurance, ASB, Inland Revenue, Placemakers and Kirkcaldie & Stains to name just a few.

At Dough we believe that excellent Human Resources management doesn’t have to be complicated, just follow our well established recipe for success. We provide simple, practical, people solutions to ensure your business will rise!

Kate and Diana’s diverse skill sets and experience across the HR management field provide a complementary depth of knowledge and expertise to Dough HR. It’s the perfect mix.

“When you work with one of us, you have the benefit of working with us both. We’re ‘hands on’, great to work with and everything we do is simple, practical and easy to apply.”


With over 15 years experience in generalist Human Resources management, Diana brings a wealth of practical experience to Dough HR. She has most recently successfully guided and led 290 employees through a period of consultation, training, redundancy and re-employment .

Diana easily builds rapport with people and enjoys empowering them to achieve their career goals. With a sound and optimistic outlook on life, she is a resourceful, no-fuss consultant who specialises in employment contracts, bringing employees on board, performance and change management, performance appraisals and the design and implementation of policies and procedures.


In 2002, Kate graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, majoring in Management and Human Resources. She also holds a Cambridge University CELTA Certificate in teaching English as a second language.

Kate has extensive corporate Human Resource experience in New Zealand, recruiting, advising and developing and implementing HR strategies with particular emphasis on leadership capability and workplace diversity.


Save time and money and avoid costly employment disputes by investing in Human Resources processes and documents that are compliant with, and meet your legal obligations. Remember one bad egg and the mixture is ruined.
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Business growth & profit, needs top individual performance from your people. Remember they’re not robots you can just programme, they’re real people. It starts with finding the best person for the job, then providing them with the right support. Our mix will provide you with all you need for your business and people to realise their potential.
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Their diverse skill sets and experience in HR management provide a complementary depth of knowledge and expertise. It’s the perfect mix.
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